How do I care for my Ben Friend x FAKEBESTFRIEND Piece?

Everything I create is meant to be worn hard and fast and long.  Each item is meant to last you through all the blood, sweat and tears in your day to day life . These are clothes you keep for a lifetime.

We instill each piece with bit of our own soul and let you add your story from there. So scream, laugh, cry, fight, and f*ck in your Ben Friend x FAKEBESTFRIEND piece. If you want wash your tee, use cold water for Antic Tee's and lay flat to dry.  Please spot clean/dry clean all jackets only. If you don’t want to wash it, ever – fine with me.  As with most things in life, Ben Friend x FAKEBESTFRIEND pieces get better, more interesting – with age and experience.

How do I care for other brands I purchase on fakebestfriend.com?

Each item may have varying care instructions.  It is your responsibility as a consumer to read these care instructions provided by my shop description or by the brand product packaging in order to get the most our of your new fashion options.  

Check out the specific brands website too! Many times they offer more elaborate insight into their care suggestions and have a vast knowledge of their product, make and/or ingredients that we at fakebestfriend.com cannot since we do not design their brand from scratch ourselves.

How do I decide which size to purchase?

Riffing off the old, but continually creating the new – Ben Friend x FAKEBESTFRIEND is inspired by vintage style, yet always customized somehow for a modern edgy look. I make clothes you’ll never want to take off – each and every piece is unisex, true to my style aesthetic and boasts cool and edgy island style relaxed fit.  I don't believe in sizing charts so many times items I will have a reference to a common size or just provide measurements in inches.

For brands we carry besides our own, we offer all the information about sizing that they provide to us directly.  

Is every BEN FRIEND item truly unique?

Ben Friend x FAKEBESTFRIEND is built on craftsmanship, an intense eye for detail and a total commitment to creating the highest quality American products while sticking to my style aesthetic that has built my brands success.

Everything I make is marked with the creativity of an individual in mind – I cut, sewn, age, distress, sand, dye and f*ck with every BEN FRIEND item by my own two hands.  

If an item desription says that it's one of a kind, then it is.  Occasionally I'll do multiples of one style sweatshirt if I can- but even then every piece is never the same.

My Antic Tee's and Hats are the only items I produce multiples of and even then, they are always hand finished and may have individual flaws that add character and value to each piece.

For me, clothes are art – each piece completely unique, original and unlike any other of it’s kind.  Just like all the friends I dress daily.

    What is your return/exchange policy?

    Benpleasedressme.com does not offer exchanges at this time.

    All Sales are subject to 7 day return policy from the date the shipment is delievered per the original tracking number provided. Items must be unused, unworn, unwashed and unaltered and must bear all original tags and garment stickers to be considered for return.   For return requests please email:  shop@fakebestfriend.com

    Each return approval is based soley on a case by case basis.  We have the right to determine return eligibility using our strict design standardization techniques and expertise.

    Certified custom BEN FRIEND and select BEN FRIEND one of a kind pieces are subject to one complimentary repair for up to two years after purchase - shipping to and from Los Angeles will be your responsibility and I require you to email your shipping labels to me directly.  These pieces will come with a certificate stating this when you you purchase your product which will include a date of purchase.  You must provide a photocopy of this certificate in your request for repair in order to activate your complimentary repair.

    For BEN FRIEND custom piece repair information only, please email: benfriend@fakebestfriend.com

    • Our return address is:

            BEN FRIEND LA


    LOS ANGELES, CA 90056

    How can I change my order?

    Please see the separate page on my website regarding this question on the ORDERS + SHIPPING page.

    Can we place our brand on the benpleasedressme.com online store?

    We are currently accepting select brands into our online store.  For more information on placing your brand in my store line-up, please send your current line sheets, brand information, Lookbook, social media information and any other media/press references to:  marketing@fakebestfriend.com.  

    In the subject please use: "ATTN: brand scouting - YOUR BRAND NAME HERE"  Thank you.

    *Please note:  Brands willing to offer exclusive designs or collaborations with BEN FRIEND x FAKEBESTFRIEND will get first priority placement

    I want BEN FRIEND x FAKEBESTFRIEND in my shop or online store:

    If you're interested in collaborating or placing BEN FRIEND x FAKEBESTFRIEND pieces in your physical shop or online store please have your buyer send any inquiry along with m:

    -your retail store information

    -social media links


    to: marketing@fakebestfriend.com.  In the subject please use:  "ATTN: Wholsale Inquiry for + YOUR BRAND NAME HERE".  Thank you.