Silver Nail 4-Way Stretch Athletic Shorts - Shop LA Style with Fashion Stylist Ben Friend FAKEBESTFRIEND
Silver Nail 4-Way Stretch Athletic Shorts - Shop LA Style with Fashion Stylist Ben Friend FAKEBESTFRIEND

Silver Nail 4-Way Stretch Athletic Shorts

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Sports outfits can be a lot of hassle, but one day I decided that with these perfect men’s workout shorts, there's no need for any of that drama.

I spent many years working in retail, then transitioned into personal shopping and then fashion styling, wedding styling and finally, decided to start creating my own brand altogether.

I am in the know with all of the hottest designer, niche, commercial and up and coming athleisure brands for men and women, and there’s a huge gap in the market for no nonsense menswear that is not boring and basic.

Also, using catchy trend words for fabrics and copying every other brand by putting an iPhone pocket in your short- is not something I subscribe to.


Men need common sense, straightforward information and I also think if you have a pocket for your smartphone in your gym shorts, you’re not working out as hard as you should.

Now, personal opinions on training technique and standard aside, these shorts also feature a 4-way stretch.  So while it may not be that 4-way you always wanted, it’s that 4-way you never knew you needed.

Just throw on a pair and go:

running, swimming, weight-lifting, or participate in any other activity that pops in your mind.


These shorts won't let you down!

From hiking to brunch, these shorts are the perfect option for the guy who wants to stay stylish and comfortable.

Show off a little with the no-liner feature for the ultimate comfort fit for the boys.  

I created these shorts with NO liner so that guys can wear any underwear they prefer without distracting from their workout because their not comfortable.

You want to wear underwear that will allow you to move in a way that is comfortable and supportive - the style underwear you wear may vary on the type of exercise or movement you are doing.

For example:

You don’t want to wear restrictive underwear (compression or otherwise ultra tight) unless you are doing an activity where your body is sitting or moving through a sitting position in a functional movement (indoor/outdoor cycling, Pilates, Ballet, Ballroom dance, and sometimes but not always yoga).

By creating an athletic short with no liner, I do not restrict the wearer to only wearing these shorts during a specific type of workout.  

These shorts are truly versatile, a true everyday short if you will.  All because I’ve allowed you to keep your underwear preference to yourself, and the quality and design of the short itself, to me.

I remember after I transitioned careers/relationships at one point in my life, I didn’t have a huge budget to shop like I was used to.  And one of the worst things about athletic or athleisure and workout wear, is that specific activities require a specific short- and who can truly afford (or should have to anyway) 10 different short styles for all the activities they do?  It’s kind of limiting.

That’s when I did my research and discovered something:

The trend and marketing of all these styles of shorts for men really all just came down to them pairing an activity to a liner, or undergarment.  The second feature that matters?  The length of the short.

So the length I created is perfect for any type of movement because they’re not too short for basketball and not too long to run long distances in.


These shorts are partially made with recycled materials- and are sublimated with my artwork.


• 96% polyester, 4% elastane (fabric composition may vary by 2%)
• Fabric weight: 4.7 oz/yd² (160 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%
• Four-way stretch water-repellent microfiber fabric
• 6.5″ (16.5 cm) inseam
• Elastic waistband with a flat white drawstring
• Mesh side pockets
• Designed in Los Angeles with Materials sourced from China

Size guide

XS (inches) 29 ⅞ 37
S (inches) 31 ½ 38 ⅝
M (inches) 33 ⅛ 40 ⅛
L (inches) 36 ¼ 43 ¼
XL (inches) 39 ⅜ 46 ½
2XL (inches) 42 ½ 49 ⅝
XS (cm) 76 94
S (cm) 80 98
M (cm) 84 102
L (cm) 92 110
XL (cm) 100 118
2XL (cm) 108 126

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